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Josh Guillory Receives Endorsements from Across Acadiana

Josh Guillory’s work speaks for itself…but so do the mayors and elected officials who are all united in their belief that Josh Guillory has been an outstanding leader for Lafayette Parish. Here is a selection of just some of the stakeholders who’ve endorsed Josh Guillory.


Ray Bourque Mayor Broussard The respected Mayor of Broussard, Ray Bourque, has also given his endorsement for Josh Guillory’s re-election efforts for the position of Mayor-President. Mayor Bourque, known for his visionary leadership and commitment to the community, brings a significant and influential endorsement to Guillory’s campaign, highlighting a shared vision for the future of Lafayette Parish.

Mayor Ray Bourque has been a driving force in Broussard's development, prioritizing community engagement, economic growth, and infrastructural advancements. His endorsement of Josh Guillory is rooted in a mutual commitment to these principles and a belief in Guillory's ability to lead Lafayette Parish towards a prosperous future. Mayor Bourque commends Josh Guillory’s leadership and his achievements during his tenure. He specifically points out Guillory's dedication to community welfare, his strategic approach to economic development, and his proactive efforts in improving the quality of life for all residents across the Parish.

This endorsement symbolizes a unity of purpose between Broussard and Lafayette Parish, with Mayor Bourque’s support underscoring the alignment of his goals with Guillory’s vision. It highlights their joint focus on fostering a thriving, economically vibrant, and well-governed community.


Simone Champagne Councilwoman

Division E Youngsville We are thrilled to announce an endorsement for Simone Champagne, a name synonymous with pioneering leadership and community dedication in Youngsville and beyond. As a trailblazer in local politics and administration, Simone's endorsement is a testament to her unwavering commitment to public service and her impactful career.

Simone Champagne's journey in public service is nothing short of inspiring. From her 26-year tenure in banking to her groundbreaking roles as the first woman Chief Administrative Officer in Iberia Parish and Youngsville, Simone has continually set new standards in leadership. Her representation of District 49 in the Louisiana State Legislature, marked by an unopposed victory and a successful re-election, showcases her wide acceptance and respect in the community.

Simone's personal life, marked by over 50 years of marriage and a nurturing family environment, reflects the values she brings to her public roles. Her community engagement, spanning various boards, commissions, and volunteer activities, illustrates her commitment to fostering growth and prosperity in Youngsville. We’re honored to have Simone Champagne’s endorsement for Josh Guillory’s Mayor-President re-election.


Charlotte Stemmans Clavier Mayor

Carencro Charlotte Stemmans Clavier, the esteemed Mayor of Carencro, has officially endorsed Josh Guillory for his re-election as Mayor-President of Lafayette Parish. Mayor Clavier, known for her dynamic leadership and dedication to the prosperity of Carencro, brings a significant endorsement to Guillory’s campaign, signifying a strong alliance in the pursuit of community welfare and growth.

Mayor Clavier has been instrumental in driving Carencro’s development, with a focus on community engagement, economic prosperity, and sustainable growth. Her endorsement of Guillory is a reflection of her confidence in his leadership and his vision for the entire Lafayette Parish. This endorsement represents a shared vision for the future of Lafayette Parish, aligning Mayor Clavier’s successful leadership in Carencro with Guillory’s broader goals for the Parish. Their combined focus on community-centric development, economic resilience, and responsive governance is key to the Parish's continued success.

Mayor Clavier’s endorsement is a powerful statement in local politics, signaling unity and collaborative strength among the Parish’s leaders. It underscores the confidence in Guillory’s leadership and his ability to continue driving positive change across Lafayette Parish.


Jan-Scott Richard Mayor


The esteemed Mayor of Scott, Jan-Scott Richard, is proud to announce his endorsement of Josh Guillory for his re-election as Mayor-President of Lafayette Parish. Known for his dynamic leadership and dedication to community development, Mayor Richard's endorsement is a significant affirmation of Guillory's impactful administration and vision for Lafayette Parish.

Mayor Jan-Scott Richard's leadership in Scott has been marked by forward-thinking initiatives and a deep commitment to the well-being of his community. His endorsement of Josh Guillory stems from a shared vision of growth and prosperity for Lafayette Parish, recognizing Guillory's successful track record and innovative policies.

Mayor Richard emphasizes the importance of continued leadership that aligns with the needs and aspirations of the community. He believes in Guillory's achievements in office, his approach to governance, and his plans for furthering development and improving the quality of life for all residents of Lafayette Parish. This endorsement highlights the working relationship between Mayor Richard's and Guillory's visions for the Parish. Both leaders are dedicated to fostering an environment of economic growth, community engagement, and sustainable development, ensuring a thriving future for Lafayette Parish.


Ken Ritter: Mayor Youngsville

We are excited to announce a pivotal endorsement in the Lafayette Parish Mayor-President race: Mayor Ken Ritter has officially endorsed Josh Guillory for Mayor-President. This endorsement unites two influential figures in Lafayette Parish, both known for their commitment to community, growth, and prosperity.

Since taking office in 2015, Mayor Ken Ritter has been at the forefront of Youngsville's transformation. His tenure is marked by significant achievements in city planning, infrastructure development, and community enrichment. Under his guidance, Youngsville has seen the implementation of its first-ever Master Plan, modernization of city services, and considerable advancements in public safety and recreational facilities.

Mayor Ritter's endorsement of Josh Guillory is rooted in a shared vision for Lafayette Parish. Recognizing Guillory's commitment to growth and community welfare, Ritter believes that Guillory is the right choice to lead the Parish towards a brighter future. This endorsement is a powerful statement, reflecting trust in Guillory's leadership and his ability to continue the path of progress set by Ritter in Youngsville.


Johnny Thibodeaux Mayor


As the Mayor of Duson, Johnny Thibodeaux has been a key figure in local governance, known for his effective leadership and commitment to community development. We are delighted to share the exciting news of Mayor Johnny Thibodeaux's endorsement of Josh Guillory for re-election as Mayor-President of Lafayette Parish. His endorsement is a strong statement of support, reflecting a mutual commitment to the prosperity and well-being of Lafayette Parish.

Mayor Johnny Thibodeaux's tenure in Duson has been characterized by his dedication to enhancing the lives of his constituents through thoughtful and responsive governance. His endorsement of Josh Guillory comes from a place of deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of the people in Lafayette Parish and a belief in Guillory's ability to meet these needs. Mayor Thibodeaux believes in Guillory's proactive approach to community issues, his commitment to economic development, and his dedication to creating a thriving, inclusive community for all residents.

Mayor Thibodeaux's endorsement signifies the alignment of his vision with Guillory's plans for Lafayette Parish. Their shared goals of enhancing community welfare, improving infrastructure, and fostering economic growth are pivotal for the future development of the Parish.


Mark Garber Sheriff

Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber, the distinguished law enforcement leader of Lafayette Parish, has endorsed Josh Guillory for his re-election as Mayor-President. Sheriff Garber, with his extensive background in law enforcement and public safety, brings a significant and impactful endorsement to Guillory’s campaign, underscoring a shared commitment to the safety, security, and prosperity of Lafayette Parish.

Sheriff Garber's career in law enforcement spans various capacities, from his early days in the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office to his commendable service with the United States Air Force and the Secret Service. His experiences, including his role as a battlefield interrogator in Iraq, where he earned a Bronze Star Medal, have equipped him with a unique perspective on public safety and security. In endorsing Josh Guillory, Sheriff Garber commends Guillory’s leadership, particularly in the areas of community safety and law enforcement collaboration. He acknowledges Guillory's strategic approach to governance, his initiatives in enhancing public safety, and his efforts in fostering a secure environment for all residents of Lafayette Parish.

Sheriff Garber’s endorsement signifies a strong partnership in the pursuit of a safe and thriving Lafayette Parish. His support highlights the alignment of his goals with Guillory’s vision, focusing on robust law enforcement, community engagement, and the overall welfare of the Parish.


Don Landry District Attorney Lafayette Parish Don Landry, the esteemed District Attorney of Lafayette Parish, has officially endorsed Josh Guillory for his re-election as Mayor-President. With a long-standing commitment to law and justice in Lafayette Parish, Don Landry's endorsement is a significant testament to Guillory’s leadership, particularly in the realms of community safety and judicial integrity.

Don Landry’s career in law spans several decades, marked by a deep-seated dedication to the safety and wellbeing of the community. His journey from being a Marine Corps reserve member to earning his law degree and serving as an assistant district attorney for 34 years highlights his commitment to upholding justice in Lafayette Parish.

District Attorney Don Landry’ endorsement emphasizes Guillory’s commitment to public safety, his proactive stance on the serious drug problem, and his collaborative approach with law enforcement agencies. Landry acknowledges Guillory's dedication to ensuring a safe, law-abiding community and his effective strategies in dealing with crime and drug-related issues in the Parish.


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