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Monique Blanco-Boulet: Anything But The Truth!

The truth is, when it comes to Monique Blanco-Boulet, she may want to spend more time explaining the following, publicly documented incidents instead of pointing her finger at anyone else. The truth is, for someone wanting to be the next leader of Lafayette Parish, she may be the candidate engulfed in controversy. The truth is, Monique is not a good candidate.

1. The Acadiana Planning Commission (APC) Lawsuit

The Acadiana Planning Commission (APC) lawsuit provides critical insight into Monique Blanco-Boulet's professional conduct. The case (Newell v. Acadiana Planning Commission Inc.) involved allegations of workplace discrimination, including racial and religious biases. Significantly, Boulet was cited as a central figure in the lawsuit.

Court documents reveal that an employee, Melissa M. Newell, filed a complaint alleging unfair treatment, including failure to promote based on race and religion, and creating a hostile work environment. The case highlights concerns about Boulet's managerial practices and her approach to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

2. Testimony Regarding Josh Guillory

Monique Blanco-Boulet has made claims about Josh Guillory's corruption, yet, according to available information, she has not provided concrete proof to substantiate these allegations. Her sworn testimony even refutes her own accusations. This raises serious questions about the credibility of her statements and her motivations for making such serious accusations without evidence. If she's willing to say anything to get elected...we can only imagine what she'd do.

3. Endorsement by the Professional Association of Law Enforcement Officers

Boulet has touted an endorsement from the Professional Association of Law Enforcement Officers. However, scrutiny reveals that this association, formed by Matthew Thomassee, a former law enforcement officer entangled in a lawsuit against Sheriff Neustrom, lacks the legitimacy and broad support that other recognized law enforcement associations have. Thomassee's association with Michael Lunsford and the Citizens for a New Louisiana further muddies the waters, suggesting potential ulterior motives behind the endorsement.

Moreover, the authenticity of this association is questionable. The more established and credible law enforcement organizations in the area, such as the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association and the Police Association of Lafayette, hold the respect and membership of the law enforcement community. The endorsement from a less recognized association raises concerns about the true level of support Boulet has within the law enforcement community.

4. False Claim About Endorsement from Clay

Boulet falsely claimed an endorsement from an Congressman Clay Higgins, which he vehemently denies. A video available at this link shows Clay's reaction and his denial of the endorsement.

Monique Blanco-Boulet's campaign for Mayor-President of Lafayette is nothing but dishonesty and misrepresentation. From her role in the APC lawsuit, unproven allegations against Josh Guillory, dubious endorsement claims, to misrepresenting support from individuals, her actions call into question her integrity and suitability for the role she seeks.

Voters in Lafayette Parish are advised to consider these factors critically and seriously. It's essential to base decisions on facts and to be wary of candidates who demonstrate a pattern of dishonesty. Remember, integrity and transparency are key qualities for any public official. When it comes to this upcoming election, Lafayette should ask for #NoMO dishonesty - because you can’t spell DeMOcrat without MO!


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t cook
t cook

Most definitely the worse case of buyer’s remorse I have suffered was after voting for this grifter. Caveat emptor!

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