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Public safety is critical to the success and well-being of any community. Lafayette experienced an uptick in crime during 2020, the same way most cities did during COVID. Mayor-President Guillory increased the number of police officers on the streets in the city of Lafayette, worked in tandem with the Sheriff to create a coalition in Lafayette Parish dedicated to fighting crime, and increased police pay for the Lafayette Police Department. This increase in pay has made police recruitment and retention much more competitive with similar markets. Josh Guillory took the exact opposite approach of the “Defund the Police” movement that attempted to sweep the country.

Mayor-President Guillory has also been dedicated to improving fire protection across our parish. He worked with the Parish Council, long-standing Lafayette Fire Chief Robert Benoit, and all the municipalities to increase funding for fire protection in Lafayette Parish. Guillory and his administration remain committed to ensuring adequate fire protection in Lafayette.


Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory has made improving drainage a priority as residents and business owners continue to battle flooding from heavy rains and tropical systems.

Often, the Vermilion River fills to capacity and even reverses its flow, causing back-flow and regional flooding. Immediately upon taking office, Mayor-President Josh Guillory assembled experienced engineers, stakeholders, and other subject matter experts to engage in updating drainage and stormwater management plans.

The amount of drainage, storm water management, and conveyance projects is unprecedented. Guillory’s aggressive stance on drainage has established concise, scientific driven solutions to this major issue encompassing all of Acadiana.

The work continues and his administration remains excited to help those they are blessed to serve.


Mayor-President Guillory immediately worked with both councils to elevate the attention and focus to traffic and roads by creating an entire department focused on traffic, roads, and bridges. He and the councils did so in a cost-effective manner that resulted in much needed accountability and urgency in this area. During Josh Guillory’s tenure, Lafayette Parish has experienced the largest road and traffic construction in several decades - with several additional projects to come.


Mayor-President Guillory took office in a climate smothered by bureaucratic red tape. The first thing he did in addressing the economy in Lafayette was establish a diverse committee of local stakeholders and business leaders to repeal and replace the development code. This year-long process resulted in a regulatory environment that is welcoming to businesses and investors. This regulatory upheaval was only the first step. The second step of this new culture of government included a heavy focus on Lafayette’s permitting process. Now, we have friendly regulations met with proactive, affable public servants eager to assist.

Three months into office, the Guillory administration combatted the COVID-19 pandemic head on with a balanced approach. Once the situation was manageable locally, Guillory worked with LEDA and the local mayors in the parish to establish “Safe Shop,” which allowed Lafayette to be the first parish in the state to “open-up” its economy. This initiative resulted in record sales tax collection.

Instead of relying on the federal and state governments to shore up revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lafayette Mayor-President Guillory relied on our citizens and our brave healthcare experts. Expectedly, our small business employers kept their doors open safely, our workforce showed up to work, and our resilient healthcare warriors led from the front. The Lafayette wildcatter spirit was alive and well, and that mindset is still in existence today.

Mayor-President Guillory and his team have worked hard to diversify the economy. While we continue to support our oil and gas industry, together our parish has seen significant growth in multiple industries within our local economy. Technology, healthcare, and other industries have contributed to our recent economic success. We are also seeing an increased interest in manufacturing in certain areas of our parish, such as Broussard.

With two interstates intersecting, a world-class regional airport, a transportation system consistently improving, and a workforce second to none, the future is bright. There is no better place to do business than Lafayette!

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