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Transforming Lafayette: Josh Guillory’s Administration Moves Lafayette Parish Forward

From roads to emergency response, Lafayette Parish has undergone a significant transformation thanks to the efforts of Josh Guillory and his administration. These are just a few highlights of the achievements Guillory has made over the past few years and his ongoing efforts to enhance our city and parish’s infrastructure, safety, and quality of life.

  • Road and Traffic Improvements:

    • The establishment of the Traffic, Roads, and Bridges Department (TRAB) and the Drainage Department has streamlined the process of road maintenance and flood prevention.

    • Our road overlay program, significantly ahead of schedule, has achieved more than 210 miles of asphalt overlay without any tax increases.

    • Notable projects like the Kaliste Saloom Road extension, the Ambassador Caffery South extension, and the University Avenue Corridor project have significantly reduced traffic congestion and improved connectivity.

    • Introduction of innovative traffic solutions, including adaptive traffic signals and roundabouts, has enhanced traffic flow and safety.

  • Public Safety Enhancements:

    • Our fire department is on track to achieve a Class 1 fire rating, bolstering fire protection across the city and parish.

    • Lafayette Police Department has benefited from increased staffing, higher wages, and state-of-the-art equipment, contributing to a notable reduction in crime rates.

    • Implementation of community-oriented policing strategies has fostered stronger bonds between law enforcement and citizens.

  • Quality of Life Initiatives:

    • The renovation of Moore Park and the establishment of the city's first public outdoor skate park are examples of our commitment to providing comprehensive recreational facilities.

    • Investment in public-private partnerships has led to the revitalization of various community centers and parks, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.

    • Our focus on cultural preservation and promotion is evident in the support for local arts, music, and cultural festivals, fostering a vibrant community spirit.

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response:

    • Our proactive approach to emergency preparedness, including annual drills and strategic collaborations, has been crucial in handling crises effectively.

    • Our robust response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including widespread testing and vaccination drives, has been a testament to our commitment to public health and safety.

  • Economic Development:

    • The administration's efforts in fostering a conducive environment for business growth and investment have yielded significant economic benefits.

    • Initiatives to support local businesses, particularly during the pandemic, have helped maintain economic stability and growth.

  • Environmental Initiatives:

    • The city has undertaken several green initiatives, focusing on sustainability and environmental conservation.

    • Efforts like citywide recycling programs, green space development, and energy-efficient public buildings are part of our commitment to a sustainable future.

Lafayette's journey over the past few years hasn’t been without its obstacles, but Josh Guillory and his administration has tackled these head on. These achievements, however, are just the beginning, as we continue to work towards a brighter, safer, and more prosperous future for all our citizens.


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Josh Guillory,

Thank you so much for all you have done. I believe Lafayette Parish will continue to move forward with your leadership. Please call on me when I can help. Betty R DeLoach, MD


Hopeing he dose something about the house and auto insurance.. Its. Out of. Control

. So many people can't afford it.. Do something.. Don't text me any more unless it to talk to me about plans to get our insurance in this state undercontol


Mona Dupleix
Mona Dupleix
Nov 13, 2023

Josh has kept crime down in Lafayette! Other cities around us can’t say the same. A lot of cities with female mayors have increased crime. I feel very safe in our wonderful city and parish that isn’t lost and doesn’t need to be taken back!


Let us fight to keep Josh Guillory in office. He has a PROVEN record. At no other time do we need such a leader as Josh.

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