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Shining a Light on a Suspicious Solar Deal

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

When it comes to casting your vote for the next Mayor-President of Lafayette, voters should have the full story. While Monique Blanco Boulet has pointed her finger at Josh Guillory accusing him of basically everything under the sun...many have called into question her behavior when it comes to her political aspirations.

Monique Blanco Boulet's sister Karmen holds a significant role in First Solar, a prominent player in the solar energy industry. First Solar's recent initiative, a solar panel manufacturing facility in Iberia Parish, was greenlit with the help of $30 million in state grants. These grants, interestingly, have ties leading back to Boulet.

A detailed examination of Boulet's campaign finance reports unveils a series of contributions that paint a concerning picture. Key figures associated with First Solar appear as generous donors, calling into question the arrangements tied to these donations. The flow of funds from those with vested interests in the solar project to Boulet's campaign coffers raises questions about the integrity of the political processes behind this deal and the influence of corporate power in decision-making.

As the residents of Lafayette Parish do their due diligence in making the decision of who to vote for in this upcoming election, we think the choice has never been clearer. Don't vote for someone who's more concerned about helping their own family than the citizens of Lafayette Parish. Vote for a proven leader who puts Lafayette first.

Vote for Josh Guillory.


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